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Stay active and healthy throughout and after your pregnancy with a safe exercise method. Sessions offered virtually and in-person.

Maternity Yoga Online from Home


Pregnancy is a very special time in your life. While your body continues to change, it is important to find a safe and effective exercise routine to support these changes. Learn modifications throughout all the stages. Some benefits of prenatal pilates:

  • Strength building in legs, arms, back and deep support muscles such as your abdominals and pelvic floor to help with delivery and postpartum recovery

  • Improve balance and flexibility in your ever changing body

  • Work on stabilizing and strengthening while also loosening up the areas that need it for a successful labor!


Because your body undergoes massive changes during pregnancy, it is important to build strength back slowly and properly in order to avoid a longer recovery and prevent injury. While the recovery process may seem overwhelming and complicated, let our expertise guide you through. Some benefits of postpartum pilates:

  • Rebuild and strengthen abdominals (even help heal Diastasis Recti) correctly and safely

  • Stretch and strengthen chest and back which can become tight or weak with all those diaper changes and breastfeeding!

  • Faster and safer recovery 

Baby Yoga
Mommy and Me


Committing to a number of sessions is the best way to see results and stay consistent. Packages are the most cost effective option to your Pilates sessions. Each package also includes doula meetings. Services can also be added on a la carte.

Gold Mama Package

Package of 20 Private sessions and 2 Doula meetings. Privates and doula meetings can be scheduled prenatal or postpartum.

Silver Mama Package

Package of 10 Private sessions and 1 Doula meetings. Privates and doula meetings can be scheduled prenatal or postpartum.

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