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Whether doula services are not available in your area or time and finances are a concern, virtual support is a wonderful option. Get the information, support, and personalized care you deserve during this special time in you life regardless of your situation. All the services I offer are available virtually. Just like in-person support, I help you feel cared for and prepared for your birth and welcoming your new baby into your home. Click below to learn more.


  • Physical Support- Help with comfort measures and positions for labor progression

  • Emotional Support- Feel supported, ease emotions, and have a calm, nurturing space

  • Partner Support- The birth partner's experience is also very important!

  • Evidence Based Support + Advocacy- Connect you to information and resources in order to make informed decisions

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  • Physical Support- Help with recovery and techniques for comfort

  • Emotional Support- Transition into parenthood can be challenging!

  • Evidence Based Information + Support- Providing information and guidance on normal newborn behavior and offer tips for breastfeeding, sleeping, etc.

  • Practical Support- Helping with simple household tasks and cooking 

  • Partner + Sibling Support- A new baby is a transition for everyone!


  • Nesting Session: let's get you ready for baby's arrival! Take out your to-do list and let's get to it- laundering all those cute baby clothes, organizing your nursery, packing your hospital bag, creating stations around your home, sending thank you notes for baby shower gifts, the list goes on.

  • Meal Prep: having a plan for food once baby comes home makes all the difference in your healing and getting through those first few weeks of parenthood. Nourishing meals and snacks tailored for postpartum healing and lactation support. Groceries picked up, plan created, freezer filled with homemade food.

  • Custom: have specific questions, want to create a birth or postpartum plan, want help with your registry or just need a little extra support? Let's create a custom consultation to give you exactly what you need.

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