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Whether doula services or Prenatal + Postpartum Pilates classes are not available in your area or time and finances are a concern, virtual support is a wonderful option. Get the information, support, and personalized care you deserve during this special time in you life regardless of your situation. All the services I offer are available virtually. Just like in-person support, I help you feel cared for and prepared for your birth and welcoming your new baby into your home. Click below to learn more.


  • Physical Support- Help with comfort measures and positions for labor progression

  • Emotional Support- Feel supported, ease emotions, and have a calm, nurturing space

  • Partner Support- The birth partner's experience is also very important!

  • Evidence Based Support + Advocacy- Connect you to information and resources in order to make informed decisions

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  • Physical Support- Help with recovery and techniques for comfort

  • Emotional Support- Transition into parenthood can be challenging!

  • Evidence Based Information + Support- Providing information and guidance on normal newborn behavior and offer tips for breastfeeding, sleeping, etc.

  • Practical Support- Helping with simple household tasks and cooking 

  • Partner + Sibling Support- A new baby is a transition for everyone!


  • Online group classes and privates available

  • Strength building in legs, arms, back and deep support muscles such as your abdominals and pelvic floor to help with delivery and postpartum recovery

  • Work on stabilizing and strengthening while also loosening up the areas that need it for a successful labor!

  • Rebuild and strengthen abdominals (even help heal Diastasis Recti) correctly and safely

  • Stretch and strengthen chest and back which can become tight or weak with all those diaper changes and breastfeeding!

  • Faster and safer recovery 

To book group classes or a private session online now, please click here. You will be redirected to my Pilates website, Coco Marie Pilates, to book your session.

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